Kentuckians react to Dick’s new gun policy

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Around the Bluegrass, some people are celebrating Dick’s Sporting Goods’ decision to stop selling automatic-style rifles, high capacity magazines or any gun to someone under 21.

Others claim they will never go back to the store again.Gun store owners wonder if they could see a business boost.

Buds Gun Shop and Range is not small.

It says it is the country’s largest online gun seller, but it has far fewer retail locations than Dick’s.

“Dick’s is a large player in the sporting goods game and we may anticipate we could see an increase in business. We’re just not sure,” Doug Ramsey, Buds Operations Manager, said.

Ramsey says Buds has also talked about making a sales change. He says the company always prioritizes legal, ethical sales, but has decided to continue operations as they are.

“I think all the laws are mostly in place currently that would have prevented this kind of thing. That was clearly a mental illness issue, which is over and above the law,” Ramsey said.

Outside Dick’s in Hamburg, some people visiting Wednesday told ABC 36 they were just stopping by to support the store.

“Thank goodness a national retailer is getting on board and, you know, has common sense. It’s great and I hope other retailers carry the torch and keep doing the same thing,” Chris Fife said.

“You don’t need an assault rifle to shoot a deer or whatever you’re shooting. If you can’t shoot it with a rifle then you don’t need to be shooting,” Henry Dunaway said.

Others say leave the guns to gun stores.

“Kids. This is a place where kids hang out so I don’t think it has any place here,” Jewel Duncan said.

Some shoppers say when people cannot find what they want at Dick’s, they’ll just go elsewhere.

“People need to focus more on mental health issues and the parenting aspect rather than the guns. I don’t think guns kill people. I think people kill people,” Kendra Hughes said.

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