Kenton County man gets 70 years in child pornography case

KENTON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ/Press Release) – After three hours of testimony from Covington Police Detective Austin Ross and the introduction of more than 100 exhibits containing child pornography, a Kenton County judge sentenced 40-year-old Keram J. Christensen to 70 years in prison, the maximum allowed under Kentucky law.
Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Emily Arnzen called the Covington man, “A monster who believes sex with children as young as four years old is his legal right.”
In sentencing Christensen, who was a member of the Covington Human Rights Commission at the time of his arrest, Judge Gregory Bartlett said Christensen, “Apparently envisioned a community where sex with children was acceptable, but that community doesn’t exist and will never be Kenton County!”
Christensen came to the attention of Covington Police after an employee of an internet dating website recognized terminology in Christensen’s dating profile as a solicitation of others to provide children for sex.
Christensen’s profile even ended with the statement that, “When I say ‘I want kids, I mean it’!”
Ross obtained a search warrant for Christensen’s home to see if he had been successful in obtaining access to a child. Once inside Christensen’s home, investigators found a trove of child pornography, including the wall paper on Christensen’s cell phone which depicted pre-pubescent children engaged in sex acts, prosecutors said.
A search of Christensen’s computer revealed he was also writing first-person novels about sexually abusing children then illustrating the novels with images of child pornography downloaded from the internet, prosecutors added.
In the “About the Author” section of one book, Christensen claimed his books were being published by a company named “Nautica Productions.” Ross checked state business records and discovered Christensen had actually incorporated a business under the same name.
Christensen was initially arrested in August 2019.
In October 2019, Christensen bonded out of jail after posting $100,000 in cash. That bond was revoked in April 2021 after Detective Ross began receiving new complaints about Christensen’s online activity.
Ross checked Christensen’s previously dating websites and found some of his accounts were access while Christensen was out on bond and forbidden from accessing the internet.
A review of dating profiles, in which Christensen referred to himself as a “quirky bi-sexual nudist,” showed he was again seeking people who could give him access to children.
Ross obtained another search warrant for Christensen’s residence where detectives discovered Christensen had restocked his supply of child pornography while out on bond, prosecutors said.
According to investigators, Christensen was so brazen in his pursuit of children, he even set his wi-fi password to “pedophile.”
“This defendant’s actions were as bold as they were disgusting,” said Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Emily Arnzen, who prosecuted the case. “Most pedophiles I put in prison are ashamed of themselves, but this one actually believed he has a Constitutional right to harm children, which is astonishing!”
Under Kentucky law, Christensen will not be eligible for parole until he has served at least 17 years in prison and must register as a sexual offender if he is ever released.
Arnzen also complimented the work of Ross and the Covington Police Crime Bureau, saying, “They knew what a danger this man was so they continued to monitor his activity until we had what we needed to put him back in jail where he belongs.”
“Thankfully there is no evidence he was successful in his pursuit of children while out on bond,” Arnzen said.
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