Kavanaugh says he may have been ‘too emotional’

WASHINGTON (AP) – Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is acknowledging he “might have been too emotional” in Senate testimony but says he can be counted on to be an “even-keeled” judge.

Kavanaugh said Thursday in an op-ed that his “tone was sharp” and he said “a few things” he should not have during testimony to the Judiciary Committee about accusations of sexual misconduct. He forcefully denied the allegations.

Kavanaugh’s op-ed in The Wall Street Journal was published on the eve of a key procedural vote in the Senate on his nomination. His column appeared aimed at winning over the three GOP senators who remain undecided.

He wrote that he always treats others with “utmost respect,” and “going forward, you can count on” him to be the “same kind of judge” he’s always been.

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