Jury recommends sentence for two convicted felons

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – It could be a long time in prison for two men, convicted for robbing a Lexington hotel. A jury Tuesday found Quincinio Canada and Dawan Mulazim guilty in a Quality Inn robbery. But, the jury acquitted Canada in the murder of marine Jonathan Price, while it couldn’t reach a unanimous decision on Mulazim.

Now, jurors have to recommend sentences for both men, based on the Quality Inn convictions.

After a long day of hearing from witnesses and deliberating Wednesday, the jury came to a unanimous decision as to how many years they think each, Quincinio Canada and Dawan Mulazim should spend in jail.

Before they started deliberating, jurors heard from witnesses, including family speaking on behalf of their loved ones, Canada and Mulazim.

Then, attorneys on each side talked to the jury. Those for Canada and Mulazim, both asking the jury to think about the men behind the charges.

“They are what they are, but we are not defined by the worst act or the worst acts we have ever done,” said Mulazim’s attorney Kim Green.

But, the prosecution told them to think of the innocent people the two victimized.

“You can’t take back what happened to the victims in this case. I don’t know how many more people you have to rob or how many people you have to threaten and how many you have to shoot at before life is appropriate,” said Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Kathryn Webster.

A life sentence is what the commonwealth wants. But, it’s not what the jury recommends. Instead, Canada is recommended to serve 50 years in prison. Mulazim, 60 years.

The recommendation started at 20 years for each of three robbery counts, but was increased to 50 after they were found guilty of being “Persistent Felony Offenders.”

By this recommendation, the two would serve the three 50 year sentences at the same time, with Mulazim serving an extra ten years for a tampering with physical evidence charge.

These are just recommendations from the jury. The judge is set to have a formal sentencing for both Canada and Mulazim on August 3.

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