Josh Hicks’ final push for votes

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Josh Hicks’ team says he was out at different stops today before the polls closed trying to share his message one last time.

He even made a stop at Cup of Commonwealth in downtown Lexington.

Hicks says he wants to be a public servant for Kentuckians in the sixth district, something he says republican incumbent Andy Barr is not.

Hicks says Barr puts the interest of corporate donors, such as pharmaceutical companies, ahead of constituents, which are the cause of the opioid crisis.

Hicks’ experience as a police officer, marine, lawyer and someone who grew up on a farm are all things he says separates him from Barr and allows him to relate to everyone.

A few topics he’s campaigned on are more affordable, accessible healthcare, free tuition for the first two years at community college and public universities, and expanded broadband for rural communities.

Maddie Katz and Melanie Morgan were at a joint rally for McGrath and Hicks Monday. They say they voted for Hicks because he cares about Kentuckians.

“He’s just such a good person,” Katz says. “He has such good ideas. I really believe he believes in the people.”

Sue and Stephen Scheff were also at the rally. The pair says Hicks’ lived experience speaks for itself.

“It’s his service to country that comes through loud and clear and I think he would do the same for Kentuckians,” Sue says. “It’s in his heart and he’s very trustworthy. You can’t help but believe him.”

In a virtual call with his close supporters, Hicks thanked them and credited them for a successful campaign.

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