UPDATE: Jessamine County sheriff pleaded guilty to DUI (Read the citation)


JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Jessamine County’s Sheriff pleaded guilty Monday to DUI, according to court records.

Sheriff Kevin Corman was arrested by Nicholasville Police shortly after midnight on September 10th while driving his sheriff’s car.

According to his arrest citation, police pulled sheriff Corman over and say he failed a field sobriety test, had an open cup of bourbon in his car and his breathalyzer test read .136, with his second test at the jail reading .107.

The legal limit in Kentucky is .08.

Corman has been sheriff since 2006.


JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Jessamine County Sheriff Kevin Corman is awaiting an October court date after his arrest Thursday night.

The specific date will be announced in the next week, according to the Jessamine County District Court.

According to Lieutenant Purcell of the Jessamine County Sheriff’s Department, the department is still running smoothly and expects Corman to be back on the job soon.

“I would have no reason to think otherwise right now. I mean I haven’t talked to him about his plans, obviously, but he was elected to a four-year term, next year is a re-election year, but it’s his office and he’s the elected official so we don’t decide what he gets to do,” said Lieutenant Purcell.

Sergeant Kevin Grimes says he is innocent until proven guilty.

“We all have to remember that he is innocent until proven guilty. Based upon the information, yeah, we had probable cause to arrest him, and now we’re going to let the system play out and see what happens,” said Sergeant Grimes.

According to Lieutenant Purcell, Corman has been a good sheriff to work for.

“He’s been a really great guy to work for. I’ve really enjoyed working for him, I have no complaints as far as the work environment goes,” said Purcell.

According to his citation, Corman failed a field sobriety test and his breathalyzer test read .136, with his second test at the Jessamine County Detention Center reading .107. The legal limit in Kentucky is .08.

“If you violate the law and you commit a DUI or operate a car while under the influence, I don’t care who you are, and neither do our officers, we’re going to arrest you,” said Sergeant Grimes.

Sheriff Corman was released from jail and remains on active duty, though he was not at work Friday.


JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – A veteran sheriff has been arrested for DUI.

Jessamine County Sheriff Kevin Corman, who was first elected sheriff in November 2006, was arrested at about 12:30 a.m., Friday after registered .107 on a breathalyzer test following a traffic stop by Nicholasville Police, his office confirmed.

That result came after he registered .136 on a preliminary test at the scene of a traffic stop. A cup of bourbon was found in the car, according to arrest citations (Corman DUI Arrest Citation (1)).

The 63-year-old Corman, who has worked for the sheriff’s department since the 1990s, was driving his official sheriff’s vehicle, a 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe..

Although he was not at work Friday morning, he remains on active duty pending a court date in late October. It’s unclear what action the department could take against the sheriff, although he could put himself of suspension or restricted duty.

“He ultimately answers to the citizens of Jessamine County,” said Lt. Anthony Purcell, who responded to questions about the arrest.

Purcell said the sheriff never has demonstrated or hinted at an alcohol problem in the past.

Nicholasville Police apparently received an anonymous tip concerning Corman and the possibility he was possibly intoxicated. An officer followed the sheriff, developing enough probable cause to question Coman when he pulled in his driveway, Purcell said.

“The sheriff cooperated with the officer, some field tests were performed, he took a breathalyzer and went to jail, staying the required time before being released,” Purcell said.

DUI suspects must stay in jail at least four hours to have a chance to “sober up” and appear to be in control of their abilities.

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