Jessamine County Deputies Looking For Suspects And Victim

If solving a crime is like putting together a puzzle, the Jessamine County Deputies are missing major pieces. 

After a home invasion deputies are looking for three suspects and an assault victim.

Deputies say 5 armed men invaded a trailer on Flagship Drive around 10:30 Wednesday night.

Neighbors say a woman just moved in this week. 

Wednesday night, a friend of the woman says a man and his girlfriend showed up at her new home.  The friend says the woman had not seen this man in 10 years. 

The friend says men invaded the house asking for the man, and the woman who lived there and the girlfriend ran out. 

The friend says the girlfriend’s brother picked her up, and took her away. 

Deputies say the suspects assaulted the man.  They found blood on the trailer floor and a shell casing.

Within three minutes, Jessamine County Chief Deputy says they arrested two suspects.  They are not talking. 

The deputies know the victim’s name, but have no idea where he is. 

They are looking for three more suspects, and have no information on them.

Peel asks you to contact them if you know anything.

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