“It’s more than a food drive:” Texas group brings 2,200 boxes of food to Georgetown College

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – During the pandemic everyone’s heard incredible stories of people helping people.

Here’s another example: Friday, a group from Fort Worth, Texas brought nearly 2,200 boxes of food to Georgetown College to feed people in the community.

“We’re football men, so we come with a football mentality, a team mentality,” Vint Hargrave, one of two of the founders of the ‘Redemption Bowl,’ said. “We’ll have the volunteers come in today. We’ll huddle them up. We’ll rally them up. We’ll serve in love. We’ll win the ship.”

Two men from Texas, one a football coach – Hargrave, the other a pastor – Kyev Tatum. The made the huge food-drive possible.

“It’s more than a distribution,” Tatum said. “We say we’re filling our neighbors bowls with blessings for their souls.”

The pair got together last March when Hargrave randomly started helping out with food drives in the Tatum’s church.

They share faith, a vision to help others and a desire to break racial divides.

“I told preacher, ‘hey, we just turn off the noise and we just keep going full speed ahead with love,’” Hargrave said.

Why the nearly one-thousand mile trip to Scott County? In an effort to diversify campus, in 2006, Georgetown College adopted the alumni of Bishop College, which was an Historically Black College founded in Texas in the 1800’s and was closed in 1988.

“They didn’t have a place to call home, so Georgetown has become the home for Bishop College,” Robbie Barber, Georgetown College’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion, said.

Georgetown has a scholarship program for descendents of Bishop alumni and for students recommended by pastors who attended the college.

Nena Claycomb is one of those recipients. She says she’s proud to help with the food drive.

“It’s a great way for me to feel like I can help out,” Claycomb said. “As a college student, we don’t really feel like we can do much.”

Marvin Mack was in one of the many cars lined up to receive food. He says it’s amazing to see people caring for one another, especially from across the country.

“So many people need help and the people thats coming out to help – we really appreciate it,” Mack said.

“You’re not just giving them food,” Tatum said. “You’re giving them warmth. You’re giving them love. You’re giving them encouragement because that’s what you need during a pandemic and all this other stuff that’s going on.”

The group continued to work Friday afternoon even as rain poured down. More food boxes will be passed out Saturday at ‘Retail Wars’ in Barbourville at 7 a.m.

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