Investigators seek car thief suspect’s identity

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lincoln County Sheriff’s investigators continue to seek the identity of a man who boldly drove off with a car from a car lot.
According to the department, the man was looking at a 2004 Honda Pilot at Crossroads Truck Sales in Cab Orchard.
In surveillance video, he can be heard talking to the manager about the vehicle while the manager checked its fluids.
The man asked for a test drive and the manager said he’d have to go with him. The supposed customer asked for a bottle of water. He drove the car up to the front of the buildng where the manager put some liquid in the engine and the customer reminded him of the water.
When the manager went back inside, the man simply drove off.
Anyone with the identity of this man should contact Detective Rob Oney at 606-365-4557.
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