Investigation into Campbellsville University Power Lines Begins

Kentucky Utilities and several agencies are launching investigations into how and why Thursday’s ALS challenge went horribly wrong at Campbellsville University.

Officials said that the power lines that shocked four firemen during the event belonged to Kentucky Utilities.

Now, the Public Service Commission wants to know if the lines were in compliance with current regulations.

The PSC will be checking to see if the power lines involved in the accident were up high enough, and if they were far away enough from any structures or trees.

Officials said roughly 69,000 volts of electricity flow through the power lines that injured the firemen.

It is five times the amount of voltage regular lines carry in most neighborhoods.

Although police said the two firefighters in the bucket portion of the fire truck didn’t come into direct contact with any of the lines, the high amount of voltage created an electrical field around the main line.

According to officers, the firemen crossed into that electrical field.

Fire crews, students and administrators agreed that it had been an emotional and stressful experience.

Campbellsville University’s marching band decided to call off Friday’s practice following the ice bucket challenge accident.

Fire Captain Tony Grider, 41, and Simon Quinn, 22, who were in the fire truck’s bucket extension during the incident, remain in the Burn Unit at Louisville Hospital, according to police.

Two other firemen on the ground, Fire Captain Steve Marrs, 37, and Alex Johnson, 28, were also injured and were treated at a local hospital.

No students were hurt.

KU reported a power outage for around 4,500 residents following the accident.

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