Inspiration: From coma to college graduate

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A new class of University of Kentucky graduates is entering the world ready to make a difference.

Among the many personal stories, one graduate offers an inspiring example of overcoming death-defying adversity.

It was Cam Asher’s senior year of high school. Like many seniors he
was looking ahead to what was next in his journey, including atrtending
medical school at UK

One night, that plan came to a crashing hault.

“I felt invincible like all teens,” Asher said, looking back on what happened.

He suffered a traumatic brain injury, his skull fractured. He was left in a coma.

“I pondered whether life was worth it,” he said of the low point.

Cam finally awoke from the coma, but his story was just beginning. He
wore a helmet to heal  his head so his skull could fuse back together

Cam’s goals and dreams seemed like a long shot to doctors, but he wasn’t about to let that hold him back. Cam finished high school online and despite
doctors’ concerns, he entered UK that fall.

“The process was long for me to get back to normal,” he said.

Four years later and Cam is now graduating. He plans on
entering healthcare philanthropy and community leadership with the
bigger goal of eventually opening a hospital in his hometown.

“I didn’t want to get complacent, I wanted to believe I could still live a
normal life, and I was more motivated than ever,” he said of what keeps driving him.

Cam says his story is nothing short of a miracle and he hopes it can
inspire others to overcome any obstacle.

“I try to be a light for others and be a support,” he said.

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