Increasing Johnson & Johnson vaccine access

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Health Department in Lexington says you’re going to start seeing the Johnson and Johnson vaccine more.

Kevin Hall with the Health Department says many people prefer the J&J vaccine because it’s just one dose.

It’s also easier to use for people who might have a hard time coming to a second appointment, the homeless, for example.

“We would not be using this vaccine if we did not feel if it was a safe and effective vaccine that followed closely with the Moderna product that people have been getting and receiving from us since December 23rd,” Hall said.

Hall says the health department has also been using the vaccine for the homeless and now, the hope is to use it for younger people, too.

The department held its first clinic with Johnson and Johnson yesterday and had about 800 people show up.

Here’s an update on the city’s coronavirus case numbers.

According to Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton, there are 33 new cases, 33,720 cases total and 293 people have died.

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