Increased enrollment numbers leaves campus housing shortage at KSU

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Universities and colleges in central Kentucky have begun their fall term.

Kentucky State University has seen an influx in attendance this school year, according to their admissions office.

KSU says enrollment numbers increased by 162%, leaving them with a campus housing shortage.

Some upper-classman and residence staff are now staying at the Capital Plaza Hotel in downtown Frankfort.

KSU president, Dr. M. Christopher Brown II says this is a good problem to have.

He says his administration has been working hard to increase freshman enrollment numbers.

Having dealt with budget cuts in the past, it’s a strategy Brown says will help KSU in the long term.

“A university can never cut its way out of a financial crisis, it can only grow its way out of one,” said Dr. Brown.

“For every hole you have in your budget, you need to incentivize fundraising and advancement. You need to be growing enrollment and you need to be engaging in entrepreneurial activities.”

One of seven dorms on KSU’s campus is under renovation.

The university says it plans to expand dormitory facilities for future enrollment.

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