What you need to know when you head to the polls

Lexington, Ky. (WTVQ)– If a person has mailed their ballot and it is not showing up as received, the voter can on Election Day (Nov. 3) starting at 6 AM to 6 PM, the voter can go down to their County Clerk’s Office, and ask for an appeal to vote again, invalidating their absentee ballot.

The voter will need to bring their ID and any information like when and where they mailed or put into a drop box to help the BOE and judge decide to let them vote again or not.

Poll Workers Giving out wrong ballots to voters!

Check to make sure you have gotten the correct ballot before you vote, whether by mail in or in person.

If you think you may have gotten the wrong ballot (i.e. wrong precinct), call Kentucky State Board of Elections, (502) 573-7100)

Rides to the Polls (to vote OR to drop off your absentee ballot):

Non-profit groups and some political campaigns are providing rides to the polls, via buses, vans, Lyft.  Contact your political party for more information on what groups are providing rides.

Questions about voting, contact:

County Clerk’s office or the Kentucky State Board of Elections (502.573.7100)

Still can get an Absentee Ballot; How to deal with Poll issues

If you did not request an absentee ballot, and now need one because of being quarantined or another medical reason, you can apply for a “medical absentee ballot” by calling your county clerk through November 3.

After properly filled out and signed by the voter, the ballot is returned to the county clerk’s office, mailed or put in one of the inside drop boxes at the various voting locations.

To check on the status of your absentee ballot: GoVoteKY.com

All mail-in ballots have been mailed out; if a person has not received their ballot, call the County Clerk’s office.

If you are denied a ballot at the polls, request to have an immediate hearing before your county board of elections.  Any decision of the county board of elections can be immediately appealed to a circuit court judge. Do not leave the poll without a hearing. If you are offered a “Provisional Ballot”, please note that ballot will be only for federal officers, i.e. President, U.S. Senator and U.S. House.

Vote by one of three ways:

1) By absentee ballot.  While the ballot can be returned by mail (postage is prepaid), you are urged not to mail it now because it could be too late. Go to one of the many drop boxes at any of the voting locations.  You do not have to wait in line as the drop boxes are inside the doors.

2)  In-person early before Election Day.  Now until Monday, Nov. 2, and Saturdays, October 31.

Sites and times for Kentucky counties can be found at https://www.sos.ky.gov/elections/Pages/Polling-Locations.aspx

3) In-person on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3.  Polls open at 6 AM and close at 6 PM.  Anyone can vote at any one of the election sites.  A photo ID is being required, although a person can sign a document explaining that they could not get one because of COVID-19 and vote.

If you are in line at 6 PM, you are allowed to vote.

If you believe that your right to vote has been violated, contact any one of the following:

State Board of Elections (502) 573-7100

Attorney General’s Election Fraud Hotline (800) 328-8683

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