Icy roads didn’t stop public transportation

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Roads were slick this morning, but regardless of the icy conditions, certain motorists had to be on the road because it’s their job.

Public transportation drivers were on the roads providing services even with conditions being so icy.

Louis Browning, a driver and manager of Lexington Taxi Quick Cab who hit the roads at 3:30 this morning.

He said you have to make sure you have a full tank of gas, a blanket, and plenty of time to get to where you need to go when the roads get messy.

Louis said he ran into some tricky spots around Lexington including bridges and the suburbs.

Roads improved through the morning as temperatures climbed above freezing.

But with wet roads and temperatures around freezing again tonight, we could see a few slick spots for the Tuesday morning commute.

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