Iconic landmark a new home for the Lancaster Police Department

LANCASTER, Ky (WTVQ) – It’s been an iconic landmark in the Lancaster community since 1951.

It first opened as Folger Ford, also known as Garrard Motors, on August 18, 1951. Later, the dealership was bought by Stuart Powell Motors.

“When I was playing Little League Baseball, I know that Folger Ford came in and sponsored some of our Little League Baseball teams,” said Lancaster resident Joe Montgomery.

Throughout the decades, the historic building’s use evolved. Mary Adrianne Davis, a Lancaster resident since the 1950s, remembers when it used to be Barrett’s Furniture Mart.

“My dad also had a furniture store…so there was a competition but it was a friendly competition,” said Davis.

The building eventually stood vacant, until Patti Powell, the daughter of Stuart Powell, donated the property to the city in 2019.

“For years we’d been working out of the bottom of City Hall at the old Lancaster Hospital. And we were quickly running out of room,” said Lancaster Police Chief Rodney Kidd.

Now, the iconic building has a new use as the Lancaster Police Department Headquarters.

The city was determined that the renovations retain the feel of the original 1950s design, while making it a functional and modern police department. The project employed local contractors to plan and carry out the renovations, which began in September 2019. While the building was being finished, the department transitioned over to its new home in April 2020.

While the building is a reminder of where the town has been, what it symbolizes for the future may be even more important.

“As a small town, sometimes you get complacent. You don’t want to grow, you don’t want to move, that type of thing. And so our city council has taken a progressive attitude…we’ve just bought another building and put in some parks so it means a great deal,” said Lancaster Mayor Marshall Norton.

Though the department has used the building for about a year, the department celebrated their relocation on August 18, 2020, the 70th anniversary of Folger Ford’s grand opening.

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