Hundreds Protest Dakota Access Pipeline in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Hundreds of people rallied in front of the Fayette County Courthouse Friday night in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

After President Trump signed an executive order earlier this week to continue construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, protesters across the country stood up in opposition including hundreds right here in Lexington.

Braving the cold temperatures, hundreds of protesters packed in front of the courthouse downtown to voice their concern over President Trump’s call to finish construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

“The pipeline will affect us maybe not soon like Dakota but like it will eventually come back and affect us,” said Taylor Stephenson, a protester.

Construction was halted last month by the Obama administration after months of protest near the site in North Dakota but now that Trump has relaunched the project protesters say they’re ready to keep up the fight.

“I tought if they were going to have another supportive rally for Standing Rock I’d come out and do it again. I might go back out to Standing Rock again to tell you the truth,” said Mark Clements, a protester.

Protesters say, if completed the pipeline would be a threat to millions of Americans’ water sources.

“This pipeline is going to go under 270 different bodies of water and one of those bodies is the Missouri River that 17 million people use as their drinking water. Pipelines burst as we’ve seen,” said Psera Newman, one of the organizers of the rally.

While rallies alone cannot stop the pipeline from being completed, organizers say they hope it will inspire people to take real action.

“So people do contact their representatives, their senators, their city government and show a massive support of solidarity all across the country. I think that will have an effect yes,” said Newman.

Organizers did take some action during Friday’s rally, handing out a petition calling for the city of Lexington to make a formal statement of solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in opposition to further construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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