Hundreds of cats and dogs rescued from overcrowded shelter

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – In early January, the Kentucky and Lexington Humane Societies traveled alongside BISSELL Pet Foundation and 14 other shelters to Helena, Arkansas.

They all worked together to move 240 dogs and 30 cats out of the Humane Society of Delta.

“They’re doing well. There are several that have heartworm so they’ll be undergoing heartworm treatment in foster care for a few months and then we also have some puppies that we brought back.,” Hammond said.

A couple of the puppies are fighting off parvovirus and a few others are suffering from mange.

Director of Fundraising Ashley Hammond said the shelter is grateful for the opportunity to help smaller shelters.

“Because of the support we receive from our community, we are able to help animals and save more lives. Not just in Kentucky but everywhere,” Hammond said.

She said throughout the pandemic, the Lexington Humane Society has not seen an increase in animals in its shelter, which gives it the opportunity to help others.

“It is so rewarding to be able to pull animals from different areas where they might not have received a second chance, they might not have received a loving home. Well, we’re going to give that to them,” Hammond said.

And you can help give that to them. The humane society says the dogs will be ready to adopt in a few months.

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