House Education Committee to consider new graduation requirements

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ/Courier Journal) — Tuesday morning in Frankfort, the House Education Committee is set to consider proposed changes to high school graduation requirements.

The new requirements were previously approved by the State Board of Education, back in December.

According to the Courier Journal, State Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis says the changes would provide more options for students to prove their “transition readiness,” referring to how prepared they are to attend college or enter the workforce.

Lewis also says the changes will give students more flexibility to choose courses, while still maintaining standards for reading and math.

The Courier reports that critics of the plan worry it will disadvantage “at-risk” students and low-income schools, which may not have the funding to offer many different educational opportunities.

According to the Courier, Kentucky has one of the highest graduation rates in the nation, but one-third of graduates are not prepared for college or the workforce.

The new requirements set to be discussed Tuesday morning are expected to lower the state’s graduation rate, initially, although its supporters hope they will translate into more students prepared for life after high school, overall.

According to the state legislative calendar, the House Standing Committee on Education will consider the changes at 9 o’clock Tuesday morning.

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