Horse breeding, boarding facilities juggle rules

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Even though the disease isn’t carried by animals, the horse industry is having to juggle with new rules about how businesses can operate.

Interpreting new orders about non-essential and non-life-sustaining businesses, the Kentucky Horse Council sent its members new guidance from the state Department of Agriculture clarifying who is impacted and how.

Under Wednesday’s notes, all equine facilities must close by 8 p.m. Thursday, under Gov. Andy Beshear’s orders. But the rules exempt breeding sheds.

“Breeding sheds may continue to operate in compliance with the guidelines!” the Council said.

In addition, the State Veterinarian’s office advises all boarding facilities and any other operation that caters to outside clients of any kind must stop all unnecessary operations and activities, engage in horse care activities only, and close their facilities to all but essential staff.

If a facility has clients that engage in self-care for their horses these individuals are allowed to come to the facility for horse care activities only, the Council explained, urging managers and owners to develop schedules that abide by the visitation and distancing rules.

Managers and owners also are encouraged to reduce staff where possible.

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