Tire Replacement

Do you really need to replace all four tires?

Here are a few reasons why you should look into a full set of tires.

1) If you haven’t properly rotated your tires enough, you can get uneven wear between the front tires to the rear tires or vice versa.

2) If you’re not keeping your car in proper alignment, your tires may be wearing more on one side compared to the other and that would indicate a new set of tires.

3) The age of your tires. Yes, your tires may have a lot of tread but they may be old and, like all rubber products, they do get hard and brittle. In that case, you’ll lose traction, especially with the inclement weather. In rainy or snowy conditions, you will start to see a difference in traction – not only in take off from a stop sign or a light but also when braking. Tires are of vital importance when you’re braking. They actually help you to stop because the rubber actually is grabbing the road to help slow you down.

Do you always have to replace all four tires? Not necessarily. You may have three really good tires and you just have a problem with one or maybe you can get away with one or a pair.

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