Prematurely Aging Your Vehicle?

Are you unknowingly aging your vehicle?

Here are some tips to avoid premature aging:

1) Warming up your vehicle, especially in a older car is key. Even if just for five or ten minutes in the morning, will make a difference in the long run.

2) Tire maintenance is another important key to keeping your vehicle in top shape. If you don’t rotate your tires, overinflate them, or underinflate them, they will age prematurely. Make sure your tires are at it’s recommended PSI and it’ll save you a lot of trouble.

3) Riding the brakes is a huge no no. Every time you use the brake, it puts stress on the brakes, rotors and pads. The more you’re working them, the more you’re wearing them out.

4) Finally, easing into stops. If you ease into stops, it’ll cut down on brakr pad or rotor replacement. This will greatly increase the life of your brake parts.

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