Brake Replacement

Having good brakes is key to your safety when driving.

Here are some warning signs that your brakes may need to be looked at:

1) If you hear grinding or any noise coming from your brake pads when you’re braking? It’s time to get them checked out and maybe even replaced.

2) If you feel a pulsation or vibration coming from your brake pedal or through the vehicle, it’s a sign your rollers may need to be resurfaced. That can also mean it’s time to replace your brakes before any more damage is done.

Manufacturers often put a indicator that alerts you with a high-pitched noise that you’re running out of pad and getting close to getting into the rotor. Once you’re out of pad and into the rotor, you’ll hear a grinding noise and that’s a sign you’ll have to replace your rotor as well increasing the cost of your repair.

If you are hearing any of these sounds, S&S Tire can help with their free break inspection and free estimation on the breaks your may need.

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