Hometown Hero: Veterinarian’s caring for animals goes beyond ‘work’

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – The COVID-19 pandemic shined a spotlight on countless health care workers, however those who care for animals may have been looked over.

A veterinarian in Georgetown has gone above and beyond caring for her patients who happen to be furry.

Dr. Alexa Noble is the owner of Noble View Veterinary Clinic.

While many clinics scaled back on services or hours during the pandemic, Dr. Noble stayed busy, “We can do 10-12 surgeries in a morning and then we run 15 minute appointments from 1 o’clock on.”

As for reason behind the uptick in business, according to Noble, more people stayed at home with their pets and may have noticed things they hadn’t seen before. Also, Dr. Noble says, “I think people, being at home and not working, I think they also got a lot more pets.”

In fact, during the past year, Dr. Noble said, “The number of appointments have definitely picked up.”

A big part of her work includes helping area shelters and rescue surgeries.

Dr. Noble says they partner with Wayhome Rescue Alliance to provide a variety of services.

“We’ll even send animals to Canada, New York, Rhode Island,” said Dr. Noble. “They usually go out every other Saturday on a transport. They’ll come in for their vetting, vaccinations, testing, spay/neuter, before they get to their ultimate destination.”

That’s in addition to her regular clients.

“It’s hard for me to say no,” laughed Noble.

“This is a transport week so there will be a few late evenings trying to get everybody done in order to go on transport this Saturday,” added Dr. Noble.

As you might imagine, the work day here extends past a typical 9 to 5.

“There’s the occasional night where we’re here doing a foreign body until 9 or 10 o’clock,” shared Dr. Noble.

An animal lover, Dr. Noble credits her staff, who she says share her passion for animals.

“They can’t speak for themselves so we’re here trying to speak for them and help their owners figure out what’s wrong when they’re sick,” said Noble.

And for Dr. Noble, the reason is simple.

“Just want to be able to take care of our community and pets. We try to provide a service that people can afford,” said Dr. Noble. “Because I know that was also important during the pandemic, a lot of people lost their jobs, so, we still wanna be able to take care of everybodys babies.”

Some might call it a noble path for a doctor with the namesake.

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