Hometown Hero: The Local Confectionary

WILMORE, Ky. (WTVQ) – Wilmore, known as a small town with a worldwide impact, has a new business in the downtown area called The Local Confectionary. The owners say they hope it gives back to the small town one scoop at a time. It’s a sweet venture but they need your help and as a kickstarter, the clock is ticking.

“The Local Confectionary is an ice cream shop that is focused on doing good and giving back to our community,” said Erika Miller, manager at The Local Confectionary.

Miller says the brick-and-mortar shop on East Main Street is set to open in July but they’re already teasing the tasty treats at events like the Night Market, held the third Thursday each month through August.

A business owner herself, the Olive Branch right next door, Miller says a team of six came up with The Local Confectionary.

“It’s three husband and wife couples and we’re all just creatives, business owners, entrepreneurs who saw a need in our town and wanted to make a difference,” explained Miller. “So, our plan is to give 100% of our sweet shop sales back to Wilmore.”

Miller says they hope to do that through various projects and categories.

“So if a small business were to move into town and need capital to begin,” said Miller. “Or, for example if a coffee shop’s espresso machine were to break down, you know something like that, or a damage to a building, we’d love to be able to help mitigate that cost.”

Think of it like a community rainy day fund local businesses can tap into that also focuses on social and community aspects.

“We have some ideas to do a food truck garden in the back to bring more food options to downtown Wilmore, so really to invest however the community needs us to. That’s what we’re going to do,” said Miller.

Miller says they also want to focus on sustainability and the environment. On Earth Day, the shop issued a service project for people to pickup trash and bring it by for a free scoop of ice cream.

The goal of the kickstarter is $27,800. It’s an investment Miller says is for the community who have quickly become like family.

“My husband and I moved to this area like three years ago,” said Miller. “We’re not from here, we’re not alumni at the university but we have just been welcomed, and we have just fallen in love. It’s a beautiful community and we want to raise our family here and it just has so much potential.”

But there’s an important deadline. Miller says they need to meet their fundraising goal by May 31 or all the money goes back to the donors.

“We’re asking for you to invest in our mission, not just give a handout. But help us, be apart of our team, join us. And the easiest way to do that is just giving a few dollars here and there,” said Miller.

While they have a few backup options, Miller hopes people will share their vision.

“It has that small town charm that is kind of getting lost and we’d love to be able to keep the small town charm but be able to grow the community and bring more people down here and say this what we have to offer, you’ve just been missing it,” said Miller.

Those interested in donating to the kickstarter can click HERE.

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