Hometown Hero: Kaitlyn Grigsby, Really Really Free Market

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Imagine a market where everything is free – a place where regardless of your background or financial status you could come and take what you need. That’s what a woman in Lexington hopes to create. It’s part of a global effort known as the Really Really Free Market.

Kaitlyn Grigsby calls the Really Really Free Market a movement where people can give back to their community. She said the idea came to her after watching a TikTok video.

“Because there’s such an abundance of stuff that we all have in our house. And instead of it just sitting there, we can all just bring it to the market,” explained Kaitlyn Grigsby, Coordinator of the Really Really Free Market Lexington.

Grigsby said the first market will take place in Lexington at Shillito Park on Saturday, June 12 from 2-5 P.M.

“We’ll have all of the tables setup for people to filter thru. It’ll be like a yard sale but everything is free,” said Grigsby.

Towels, clothing, toys, and books are just a few of the items people are encouraged to bring.

“And pots and pans, a lot of kitchen stuff I feel like will be pretty needed,” added Grigsby.

It may seem like a massive undertaking for one person but Grigsby credits the volunteers, simply calling herself a coordinator, “It’s all volunteer led. I’ve just taken a special interested in it.”

It’s an interest Grigsby says is based on her own experiences.

“We always had family, we would never go hungry but things were definitely hard growing up,” shared Grigsby.

Through the market, Grigsby said she hopes to now help meet the needs of others.

And just like anyone can donate, anyone can shop.

“A big thing with the market is everybody has something they need and everybody has something they can offer,” explained Grigsby.

Whether that’s by volunteering time or offering a service, Grigsby said everyone is welcome to help any way they can.

“I definitely want it to meet basic needs but also kind of go above that because that’s definitely something that would have helped my family immensely growing up,” said Grigsby.

And much like its’ inception, the word about the event quickly spreading on social media. Hundreds have already said they are interested on the Facebook event page.

While planning is still underway for the first market, Grigsby already has her sights set on the future.

“I want to start doing it quarterly and build it up to monthly. So the next thing I kind of have on the horizon is a back to school themed market,” said Grigsby.

Grigsby asks that volunteers bring donations the day-of the event. If you’re looking for donation ideas or services still needed, you can find more information HERE.

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