Homes destroyed by storm in Garrard County

PAINT LICK, Ky. (WTVQ) – About fifty minutes outside of Lexington in Garrard County, two families woke up in shock as tornado like winds ripped apart their homes in what they thought was just a normal rain storm.

“Well I woke up right about 1 o’ clock and I heard it raining and then all of a sudden I heard a big whistle and roaring sound and before I could even get up out of the bed the windows started busting out of the bedroom and the roof started lifting off.”

Five seconds, John McDaniel says that’s how long it took to destroy everything he’s worked for all his life.

“The electric pole come down and the electric went off and like I said i just rolled out into the floor, I knew what was happening so i rolled out into the floor and just layed there and like 3 or 4 seconds, it was gone.”

As you drive down Gillespie Pike in Paint Lick Kentucky you can see two homes across the street from each other that look like they have been ripped apart by a tornado, and that is what has neighbors confused.

The neighbors across the street from McDaniel tell ABC 36 they can’t figure out why it was just them.

They say when the winds came through, the roof caved in on one of the bedrooms and sucked the whole barn and garage away, thankfully only denting the car that was in it.

McDaniel says the fire department told him they don’t think it was a tornado nor a straight line wind.

The National Weather Service is due to come out and perform a storm survey to figure out what caused the damage .

“Just thanking the good Lord everybody was safe and everybody is okay, nobody was hurt, that’s all that matters.”

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