Homemade Explosive Device Goes Off At Lafayette HS

A homemade explosive device went off Wednesday morning at Lafayette High School.  Police found two more devices, and depressurized them.  Nobody was injured. 

Fayette County Superintendent Tom Shelton cancelled all activities at all schools.  Shelton said every school would be searched for similar devices.

Police say the device was made out of a 2-liter soda bottle with a chemical inside.  They wouldn’t say what the chemical was.  Police called the device simple, but under Kentucky state law it qualified as a weapon of mass destruction.

Danielle Marquardt stood about 100 feet away from the explosion.

"As soon as I heard it, I saw it, the bottle shoot out, and so it was pretty instantaneous.  We knew what it was.  It looked like some sort of water bottle bomb, but it didn’t hit anyone, " said Marquardt, who works at Lafeyette.

Word quickly spread to students at the school.  Jayda Coleman was doing conditioning drills when it went off.

"These things are just scary, like they scare me, and to think that it happened at the high school I go to, it’s just really scary," said Doleman.

Dr. Shelton thinks somebody did this as a prank, but he doesn’t think it’s funny. 

"We always want to err to the side of caution, make sure that everyone is safe.  I’d much rather send students home, and have not had something happen to risk the possibility of someone being hurt, or injured," said Dr. Shelton.

Shelton said security cameras likely captured the person who left the bottles. 

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