Holiday shipping is in its “peak season”

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – When we’re kids, our parents tell us Santa gets in his sleigh, flies the reindeer, and delivers packages all over the world for Christmas.

It sounds like a holiday miracle, but the reality is his helpers are working every day to guarantee your presents get to your loved ones on time.

Jodie Culver works at The UPS Store in Lexington and she says it’s busy with people trying to get their gifts sent.

“It’s been really crazy. It really started like the week of Thanksgiving,” said Jodie Culver, The UPS Store employee.

UPS calls the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas its peak season.

The company expects to deliver an average of 32 million packages and documents each day.

Culver says the best time to send your packages if you want them there by Christmas is now. December 19th is the last day to get it there on time with standard shipping.

Culver says if you have wrapped presents you should still put it in a box so it’ll stay safe. If you’re using your own box she says you should put bubble wrap around your gift.

“Don’t use duct tape, don’t use painters tape, those don’t hold your boxes well,” said Culver.

Despite the busy season, Culver says she has fun because she’s making someone’s Christmas special.

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