Plane that led airborne invasion on D-Day in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A big piece of World War II history has landed in Lexington.

The Douglas C47 Skytrain Aircraft called ‘That’s All, Brother’ is here through the weekend.

The aircraft led 800 planes in the airborne invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944,  otherwise known as D-Day.

When John Cotter pilots ‘That’s All, Brother’, he says he thinks of the soldiers who had to fly the airplane into combat during WW II.

“Everybody asks what’s it like to get to fly ‘That’s All, Brother’ and these airplanes that represent such a milestone in our history and it’s just an honor,” Cotter said.

“This airplane represents the history of folks grandfathers, grandmothers, crew chiefs, all the people that worked and flew and maintained these airplanes,” Cotter said.

‘That’s All, Brother’ served through the end of the war in Europe, including the airborne invasion of Germany called ‘Operation Varsity’.

Reva Grantham plans to ride in the airplane on sunday.

Her father was a World War II veteran, “He served in the philippines and he went into the philippines and fought his way through the jungle on the way up to Milan and actually fought, I get emotional about this, fought house to house like we did over in Fallujah and so it was very difficult fighting,” Grantham said.

And she served in the army for 24 years as a German linguist.

Now she enjoys spending her time learning about these planes and their importance in history.

“I have flown on ‘Miss Mitchell’, which is a B25. I flew on the B17 ‘Texas Raiders’ here in Lexington and then I’ve been on the B24 ‘Diamond Lil’ and then I’ve been on the B29 ‘FIFI’ which was also here and I did the Bombardier,” Grantham said.

She urges everyone to visit these aircrafts’ and learn about the history so that we don’t forget the sacrifices of the veterans who once flew in them.

‘That’s All, Brother’ will be at the Aviation Museum of Kentucky at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington until Sunday, April 11, 2021.

For more information or to book a tour or flight, click here.


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