Historic Harrodsburg Building Catches Fire

A staple of the Harrodsburg Historic District was nearly lost Friday morning when the former Mercer County Opera House caught fire.
Around 4:00 a.m., the Harrodsburg Fire Department received a call from witnesses who said they saw flames coming out of the windows of what is now known as the Opera House Tabernacle.
Investigators from the State Fire Marshal’s Office said the building was only a partial loss. 

Investigators said the heavy fire-rated doors protected a large portion of the building.
An investigator on scene said the doors were decades old but could likely keep fire out for 30 to 45 minutes.  He also said the building’s auditorium mostly had smoke and water damage, but crews got to the fire quickly and contained it.
The fire damaged the front rooms and caused some signage letters to fall off the building.
Bonnie Huffman has lived in Harrodsburg for 56 years, and said she was happy to see the building wasn’t lost.
"I hope they restore it. Harrodsburg is historical. I hate to replace something," said Huffman. "It’s a beautiful place. I’m really sad it caught on fire."
The Opera House Tabernacle, currently a church, was also formerly a radio station and was attached to city hall.
State fire investigators said they didn’t know where or how the fire started, but they didn’t suspect anything suspicious.

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