Hillary Clinton Campaigns For Alison Lundergan Grimes

Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky’s Secretary of State, introduced the United States’ former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, at Grimes’ U.S. Senate campaign rally at a convention center in Louisville on Wednesday evening. 

Grimes’ campaign announced a crowd of 4,500. 

Polls show the Democrat Grimes and Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell are neck and neck, but Grimes said she is the candidate who will stick out her neck. 

"I am a Clinton democrat, and that’s the kind of senator that I will be," said Grimes.

In this campaign, Mitch McConnell has tried to tie Grimes to President Barack Obama.  A senator’s term is six years, and President Obama will be out of office after the first two.

"It’s about the senator that will work for the next four years with whoever is in the White House no matter who he, or she might be," said Grimes as she gestured toward Mrs. Clinton.

People are already looking forward to the presidential election in 2016.  Many at the Grimes rally said they hoped to elect Hillary Clinton. 

"She’s the next President.  I will vote for Hillary," said one Grimes supporter.

"Will we bring home this victory? Let me hear you say yes! Yes! Stay on your feet and help me welcome to the stage an amazing woman Hillary Rodham Clinton," said Grimes.

With the crowd warned up, Clinton spoke.  She recalled her time in 2008 campaigning for president in the commonwealth.

"I’m back," said Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton said she first met Alison when Grimes was 14.  Like her Husband, Hillary Clinton came to Kentucky to endorse Grimes.

"It’s time to unleash the potential of Kentuckians.  Give you a chance to have somebody who cares about you, who will live and breathe and work for you every single day," said Clinton.

President Clinton visited Kentucky twice to campaign with Grimes in this race.

This was Mrs. Clinton’s first trip to the Commonwealth to campaign in this closely watched and very expensive U.S. Senate race.

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