High School Male Cheerleader Not Allowed To Compete With Squad

A former football player joined the Mercer County High School Cheerleading Squad. With only one male cheerleader on the team, Mercer County cannot compete as a co-ed team.

According to the Kentucky High School Athletic Association guidelines, a squad must have at least two men to qualify in the co-ed category.

As of now, Mac Guay is the only boy on a squad with 24 girls. He can cheer on the sidelines throughout the year, but cannot compete later this year.

Head Coach Tonya Barnard filed a motion to change the rule, but said it won’t be reviewed until after this season ends.

The team is looking for another male to join the team before competition starts in November. If they don’t recruit another boy, Barnard said they will compete as an all girls group without Guay.

Guay hopes to earn a scholarship to cheer in college too. His mom, Dana Guay, said most college scouts find their recruits at the cheer competitions.

“That’s the showcase for colleges,” Dana said. “You don’t have scouts out here at a high school football game to look at the cheerleaders.”

“It’s so much fun for me, and I think I would really enjoy doing this in college,” Mac said. “Keep working and doing what I can.”

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