High school makes friendship bracelets for Marshall County students

WOODFORD, Ky. (WTVQ)- Students were encouraged to wear Marshall County blue and orange on Friday as a symbol of solidarity.

Students were encouraged to wear Marshall County blue and orange on Friday as a symbol of solidarity.

Hundreds of schools participated in the movement by posting photos with the hashtag Marshall Strong.

The boys of Lexington’s Carter G. Woodson Academy posted this picture of them standing in an M-formation while wearing Marshall colors.

Down in Lee County, students signed a huge banner to show their support.

One high school that not only participated in Friday’s social media campaign but took it a step further.

When Kayla Maynard and her classmates here at Woodford County High School heard about what happened in Marshall County last week they knew they wanted to help.

“I talked to one of the other officers and we went up and talked to ms. Gibson about doing something for Marshall County and that’s when the idea to do bracelets came up,” said Maynard.

Friendship bracelets, 1400 to be exact, one for every student at Marshall County High.

“It’s something small that they can all wear. Support that they can visually see and it’s just kind of a reminder that people are there for them,” said Sophia McKee, a student at Woodford County High School.

But making 1400 bracelets is no small task, so on Thursday these girls recruited their entire school to stay after class and achieve this goal together.

“We had bowls on pretty much every single table and there was people pulling up chairs to every table because we ran out of space,” said Kali Kuehl, a student at Woodford County High School.

After hours of working together, these students reached their goal, hand-making more than a thousand of these little bracelets.

“It shows that a lot of people can make a difference for different things and all these things that we all deal with everyday, we can all unify to push and motivate,” said Joe Mason, a student at Woodford County High School.

And it’s that passion and drive to help others that has teachers here choking back tears.

“It is something that will be ingrained in them forever and to be a part of helping to recover that memory, that means more, there are no words to even express how that makes me feel,” said Elizabeth Gibson, a teacher at Woodford County High School.

For Maynard, she says these bracelets will not only be an inspiration for Marshall County but for her county as well.

“I know they’re really going to appreciate it and that any kind of support that we can give to them just makes me happy and think that there’s hope,” said Maynard.

The school says it plans on sending the bracelets and card to Marshall County in the next couple of days.

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