Helping your pet transition from the comfort of your home to doggy daycare

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – After more than a year of shutdowns and days at home due to the pandemic, animal shelters and pet breeders saw record business. This also meant time at home with loving pets, something that will be changing as we return to work.

LexPets owner Kristyn Kay says her doggy daycare has had an overwhelming influx of animals and is operating at full capacity with a five to six month waiting list for large dogs.
Even though staff members have their “paws” full, they’re happy to give lots of love to make these animals feel at home.

“If we see a dog that we think would be good for our program but still is showing a little more anxiety than you’re average dog what we will recommend is a half day or a trial day and we’ll slowly get them worked into daycare,” explains Kay.

If you are still feeling concerned, Kay says there’s some other things you can do to make them feel more comfortable. You can bring their favorite toy or even take them for a drive to get them used to leaving the house. According to LexPets, showing your pet that its ok to spend the day away from you is most important.

“Pets do feel our anxiety and so if I’m anxious about leaving my pet somewhere then that pet will be anxious about being there,” says Kay.

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