‘Harvesting Hope’ Is Closing Its Doors In Danville

A Danville Food Pantry is closing its doors after losing two major financial backers this fall.

Harvesting Hope Director, CR Payne, helped open in Danville in 2010.

He said the pantry serves around 600 families a month and they feed 40 – 50 people a night through the soup kitchen.

Payne said after a financial meeting last week, the board decided to close.

“It’s heart wrenching to have to tell somebody no… We don’t do that anymore,” Payne said.

The soup kitchen is already shut down; the pantry will close on December 20th.

“Yes, it was a very tough decision,” Payne said. “I think we all left that meeting looking at one another thinking, ‘What are the people going to do?’”

The Danville Salvation Army and Community Friends Outreach Food Bank directors are expecting to serve twice as many people now that Harvesting Hope is closing.

“I was really sad to hear it because they do a great work,” Community Friends Outreach Director Jolene Bailey said. “I’m sure we’ll be getting more people now. So we’ve already started gearing up for that.”

Bailey said last year they will now be open both Wednesday and Thursday.

Last year, Bailey said their food bank went through 80,000 pounds of food. She expects that number to double in this next year.

The Salvation Army is also making plans to step in and serve the county. They are projecting a 50 – 60% increase for food this year.

To donate, use the organization’s contact information below:

Salvation Army in Danville

519 S. 4th St.


Facebook: Salvation Army Danville, Kentucky

Community Friends Outreach Food Bank

Jolene Bailey: 859-326-6067

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