Hallway Feeds, Feeding Horses Worldwide

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Hallway Feeds takes pride in their family owned business while providing food for horses locally, nationally, and worldwide.

Getting their start in just 1964, Hallway Feeds has made tremendous strides as a prominent exclusive manufacturer and provider for horse feeds. They have plans to expand their business into Texas, Florida, California, and other countries overseas. As of now, they have serviced 16 other countries. Hallway Feeds continues to grow as they recently invested over $1 million into automation technology at their feed.

Hallway Feeds has always been a family owned business. It continues today under the leadership of Lee Hall, son of founder Robert Hall Jr. Hallway Feeds has fed over 12 Kentucky Derby winners in just 20 years. They plan to expand their business by feeding horses who are Olympians, world equestrian horses, and horses in other western disciplines.

To learn more about Hallway Feeds, visit their website.

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