Habitat for Humanity builds home for Lexington family

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Some people braved the cold Wednesday in Lexington’s Brookfield Chase neighborhood.

They’re working on the “Hands and Hearts” build. It’s Habitat for Humanity’s latest project.

Day one of the build has passed and the walls have gone up on one woman’s dream for her and her family.

Taymar Israel and her three sons have been renting places to live. They’ve never really had a place to call their own.

Now, with a little help from the community, the Israel family will finally have the permanence they’ve been wanting.

“For me, it’s stability,” said Israel. “Whether it’s me, or once I pass on, my children, their children. It’ll be a home that’ll be in our family for the rest of our lives.”

Israel wants people to understand, she did have to work to get help making her dream a reality.

“A lot of people misconstrue and think that with Habitat, you get a house for free,” said Israel. “That’s not true.”

Not only will she make payments on the house, she also put in 250 hours of labor, working on other houses, or at the ReStore. That work serves as a substitution for the down payment.

Israel says this experience gives more meaning to her family’s forever home.

“Family members and friends, when they come over, they know that they’ve helped on the house too as well as I’ve helped build the house, and we can all share,” said Israel. “You know? It’s all love, we’ve all put in on this together.”

Israel says she can’t thank everyone enough for all of their support.

The house is expected to be ready for the Israel family to move in by the end of February.

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