Groups mail 484,613 voter registration applications to Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) The non-partisan and non-profit Voter Participation Center  and the Center for Voter Information are mailing nearly 500,000 voter-registration applications to people in Kentucky in September.

It’s part of the groups’ largest-ever campaign to register eligible citizens to vote, and to help already registered voters safely vote from home amid the pandemic.

“With COVID-19 impacting elections, we have a responsibility to do all we can to safely increase voter turnout and engagement during this uncertain time. It is vital to keep voters safe and to bring democracy to eligible voters’ doorsteps,” said Tom Lopach, the president and CEO of VPC and its partner group, CVI. “Mail-based voter registration and voting is reliable, safe and effective, and we are ensuring voters have the tools necessary to make their voices heard.”

More than 859,000 people who can vote in Kentucky are not yet registered, according to the “Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2018” supplement to the U.S. Census, and 64% of them are members of the Rising American Electorate: young people, people of color and unmarried women.

VPC and CVI primarily send mailings to members of the Rising American Electorate, many of whom have historically been under-represented in our democracy, often move between elections, and register and vote at lower rates than the rest of the population.

As millions of Americans self-isolate because of the coronavirus pandemic, mail-based voter efforts have never been more important. VPC and CVI run the nation’s largest mail-based and digital voter engagement programs, and their work is crucial today.

VPC and CVI mail registration applications to unregistered individuals, along with pre-addressed envelopes to make it easy to send completed forms directly to local election officials.

People who want to register online, have questions about the mailing, or who want to be excluded from future mailings can visit

VPC and CVI provide samples of mailings ahead of time to top state election officials, to ensure the groups comply with all state laws. The organizations also provide in-depth information about their programs online.

Since 2003, VPC and CVI have helped register more than 5 million voters nationally, including 60,000 people who applied to register in Kentucky. This month, the groups will be sending 65 million pieces of mail to voters and prospective voters in 27 states.

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