Ground Broken for World’s First Blind-Oriented Baseball Field

Beep baseball, which allows the visually impaired to play America’s favorite past time, is coming to the Commonwealth with the world’s first Beep baseball field.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the one-of-a-kind park was held Tuesday morning on Old Lawrenceburg Road in Frankfort, and featured a demonstration as to how the altered game would be played.

According to president David Wickstrom, anyone will be allowed to participate, but everyone must be blindfolded in order to keep the playing field even.

He said the sport only has a first and third base, and the ball beeps to let the batter know when to swing.

So far, a total of 51 teams have signed on to play in leagues for kids and adults. Wickstrom is hoping for 60 by the time Spring rolls around.

If all goes according to plan, Wickstrom said a Beep baseball World Series could be hosted at the park as early as 2017, with teams flying in from as far away as Russia and Japan to take part.

The new field is paid for by donations, and a grant originally intended to build the park has been shifted to help find jobs for the visually disabled participants.

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