Granddaughter speaks out after man dies in police custody

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- Her grandfather died in police custody the night she was arrested.

Now a woman is out of jail and speaking out for the first time.

Brandy Cooper says she is still trying to understand what happened and why after her grandfather Roy Mitchell died in police custody Tuesday night after Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies came to his house to arrest Cooper.

“It is not okay. None of this is okay. They acted like I was a killer. They acted like my grandpa was embedding someone that was for murder or something and it was just 178 dollars. If 178 dollars is that important then you know what, they could have took mine instead of my grandfather’s,” said Cooper.

Cooper says she can’t shake the feeling of guilt after her grandfather Roy Mitchell died while police were attempting to arrest her.

“At night I do lay there and I can still see his body laying there on, just laying there,” said Cooper.

Cooper says she was at her grandfather’s house when Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies came to arrest her for failing to pay a $178 fine for a 2017 shoplifting charge.

“Asked if I was there. I had a warrant yeah and my grandpa said yes she’s here and they said can I come inside and get it,” said Cooper.

Cooper says her grandfather refused to let deputies in and that’s when the trouble started.

“They tackled him and he said he couldn’t breathe and his girlfriend said he COPD, emphysema and cancer and they wouldn’t get up,” said Cooper.

Cooper says soon after her grandfather stopped breathing, deputies tried to resuscitate him but ultimately he died.

“We’ve all lost a loving and caring man,” said Cooper.

Georgetown police are leading an investigation into Mitchell’s death which will be presented to a grand jury, something Cooper says she hopes will bring her family justice.

“I hope that if it does go that far that it does get to, he does get his justice because I do feel like those cops murdered my grandfather,” said Cooper.

Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton could not do an on camera interview due to the ongoing investigation but did speak over the phone where he maintained his deputies did everything by the book and tried their hardest to keep Mitchell alive.

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