Governor Beshear reacts to passage of bills ridding mask mandates

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Governor Beshear addressed the decisions made by the State Legislature Thursday night.

He says that the decision to eliminate mask mandates in schools and statewide was the wrong one.

Beshear says the most effective tools at fighting the virus is masking and vaccines and if it were up to him….there would be an indoor mask mandate.

“It works, it reduce cases, we provide relief to our hospitals, we save lives…the inability to take this step and all its ramifications and even its devastation lies squarely on the legislature” said Governor Beshear.

He says the decision by the legislature to get rid of the mandate means more Kentuckians will be harmed

“The legislature owns this pandemic moving forward.”

When asked about Senate Bill 1’s additional flexibility to school districts with online learning days, he says the bill is full of contradictions.

“What’s wild if you really look at it is on education itself, in the provision of it, that’s what our educators are trained on. The General Assembly said we don’t trust you, you have to do it this way and on public health which none of our school boards and superintendents are trained on they said we trust you so it’s a major contradiction” added Beshear.

He says moving forward the State will continue rising to the challenge and do the best they can, calling on others to make good decisions.

“This pandemic still persists and my promise is to do everything in my power which has been diminished and limited but still everything in my power to help protect the lives and safety of Kentuckians.”

And though Governor Beshear showed his disdain for the passage of Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 2…he did praise the passage of bills that will benefit the health care system and economy.

He was applauding the extension of the state of emergency and additional funding for hospitals and long term health care facilities.

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