Women veterans honored, urged to take advantage of benefits

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – June 12th is now a big day for women veterans in Kentucky, Governor Beshear has proclaimed it a day to celebrate and honor women who have served our country.

Women have been a part of every military effort of the United States since the revolutionary war and in today’s military operations, face the same risks as their male counterparts.

However, according to the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs, women veterans face unique challenges and are far less likely than men to seek the veterans’ benefits and services they have earned.

Candace Bradley served in the Kentucky national guard for six years, she says it feels amazing to officially get this recognition.

“For all of the women who have come before us and for all of the women that are coming after us we want to show and honor their sacrifice in the service. It’s incredibly important, this day in history and in military history,” Bradley says.

June 12th marks the 72nd anniversary of the women’s armed services integration act, signed into law by President Harry Truman in 1948.

It acknowledged the contributions made by women in the military and finally enabled them to serve as regular members of the united states armed forces and reserves.

“The Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs offers so much assistance for veterans and service members to acquire the benefits that they so rightfully deserve so bringing the awareness to females is incredibly important,” Bradley says.

According to the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs, today, women are serving in great numbers in the U.S. military and makeup 20% of new recruits, 16% of personnel serving on active duty, and 19% of the national guard and reserve forces. About 25,000 women veterans live in Kentucky.

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