Gov. Beshear weighs in on mail-in voting

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ/CNN)- The debate on how to handle the November general election during the pandemic is heating up.

Many states, including Kentucky, are weighing all of the options.

Florida and Nevada are just two states planning to use a mail-in voting method. That’s something President Donald Trump says will cause problems. He claims if states use the method, it could be months before the November election is determined.

Meanwhile, he’s promoting Florida’s decision to do it, while the Trump campaign has sued Nevada over its new plan for November.

“Absentee voting great. But this mail-in voting where they mail indiscriminately mail millions and millions of ballots to people?” the President said.

In an interview with CNN, Governor Andy Beshear was asked his thoughts on the President’s claims. He said he couldn’t comment on the intentions of the President, but believes plans should be made to make voting easier and not harder. He says mail-in voting, isn’t off the table for Kentucky.

“Well that’s currently under discussion. We have gotten our first set of recommendations that includes a significant piece of absentee ballots, and it actually includes a longer period of time for early voting. So now I’m going to get a formal recommendation from the secretary of state and we’re going to sit down and work it out and I’m confident we can come to the agreement that will expand the availability of voting while making sure it’s safe in the middle of covid. I want as large of a turnout as possible, with everybody being healthy and safe,” the Governor said.

Governor Beshear says there was not any evidence of widespread voter fraud during the Primary.

He’s pushing for more early voting, more polling sites in major metropolitan areas, and significant absentee voting in November.

In June the state saw record voter turnout. More than 848,000 absentee ballots were returned, and more than 274,000 people voted in person statewide. That’s 29% of registered voters, up from 20% four years ago.

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