Four Woodford utilities get almost $1 million for improvements

From new meters and water lines to repaired tanks, money helps improve service, durability

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ/GOV. BESHEAR OFFICE) – On Tuesday, Gov. Andy Beshear awarded $981,834 to two cities and two water utilities in Woodford County to deliver clean drinking water and improve sewer and water systems from the Cleaner Water Program.

“Part of building a better Kentucky is also maintaining the infrastructure we have in place,” said Beshear. “Through the Cleaner Water Program, we are investing in projects like these to ensure safe, clean drinking water is available to Kentucky residents for years to come.”

Funded by the American Rescue Plan Act and administered by the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA), $250 million was appropriated at the close of the 2021 General Assembly through a bi-partisan agreement for clean drinking water and wastewater grants to fund projects across Kentucky.

The Bluegrass Area Development District submitted the funding requests for all projects to the KIA.

Awards were presented to the four grantees.

“I’m extremely pleased to see my district benefit from the allocations we made for safe, clean drinking water and wastewater infrastructure last session,” said Rep. Daniel Fister, whose district includes Woodford County.

Northeast Woodford County Water District a $100,459 grant will be used to repaint and install fencing around the district’s 100,000-gallon elevated water-storage tank, which provides reliable potable water to the district’s customers.

City of Versailles:

The project includes $595,458 for the installation of new water main lines along the Versailles Bypass (U.S. 60) from Lexington Street to Woodford County High School. These new lines will eliminate dead-end water mains and create additional loops within the system, increasing pressure and reliability and improving service to a minimum of 125 underserved households.

South Woodford Water District:

A total of $225,458 will go towards a comprehensive rehabilitation project in the South Woodford Water District. This includes the installing approximately 1,500 radio read meters within the district’s existing distribution system, refurbishing the KY-33 tank, replacing the KY-33 pump station, cleaning and repainting the Mortonsville tank and the installing leak detection meters. The project will save operation and maintenance costs, greatly enhance billing accuracy, and ensure good service to area customers.

City of Midway:

The City of Midway will receive $60,459.00 to recoat the Midway Industrial Park tank’s interior and exterior to eliminate corrosion. In addition, a float level indicator will be repaired.

A total of $59 million has been awarded to grantees to fund transformative projects since the call for projects was announced June 1. Eligible government agencies, such as city-owned water or sewer utilities, water commissions, water and sewer districts and counties, collaborated with their local Area Development Districts and Area Water Management Councils to submit projects for Cleaner Water Program funding. There are 713 public drinking water and wastewater utilities in Kentucky.

Cleaner Water program funding is allocated in three ways:

$150 million based on each county’s proportion of the state’s population, with the exception of Jefferson County’s share, which is discounted by 50% based on its high per capita allocation from the federal act. A list of the allocations by county can be found here.

$50 million is available for utilities to provide drinking water services to unserved, rural customers or to utilities under a federal consent decree. The KIA shall consider social, economic and environmental benefits in determining the allocations.

$49.9 million is available to supplement a project grant for a project with a cost in excess of a county’s allocation amount and other available grant sources. The social, economic and environmental benefits shall be considered in determining project allocations. KIA will receive $75,000 to administer the grant program.

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