Good Samaritans scrub away hate in Laurel County

LONDON, Ky. (WTVQ)- What police are calling, “hate crimes” in Laurel County weren’t around long before some Good Samaritans scrubbed them away… literally.

Wayne Riley arrived at the Laurel County African-American Heritage Center like any other day. Unlike any other day, he arrived to graffiti scrawled across the sign nearest the center and on another sign down the road.

The vandalism was made up of letters and figures synonymous with the Ku Klux Klan.

“They don’t offend me and they don’t intimidate me. We’re just going to look at them for awhile and then we’re going to cover them up and we’ll continue on with our daily routine,” says Riley.

The sign nearest the heritage center rests in a community garden Riley uses to teach all people about fresh, organic produce. He wants the platform to be a good example of healthy eating in Laurel County — he wasn’t expecting a “KKK” to sprout up overnight.

“I think these people doing this, we need to pray for them,” says one volunteer.

Unlike the garden at the heritage center, the vandalism police identified as hate, wasn’t going to grow long. As soon as Wednesday afternoon, a young woman not affiliated with the center came to clean things up.

Soon, another young girl joined in and in no time, the hate was gone and the signs were empty once again.

As for Riley, he’s not worried about the vandalism. He says this is something that’s never happened before. Police, however, are taking it more seriously. Officers with the London Police Department say they don’t know who is responsible but they’re getting the FBI involved to investigate.

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