God’s Net Needs Blanket Donations

LEXINGTON Ky. (WTVQ) – Volunteers with God’s Net say they desperately need blankets.

“A lot of our folks who shop here do have houses but they don’t have good heat,” said Ginny Ramsey with God’s Net. “So they’re coming in saying we’re cold, we need something.”

In the past ten days, volunteers say they have given out hundreds of blankets and now have none left for the winter.

“Normally we wait until January but that’s because we usually had quite a stock inventory of blankets, this year we don’t.”

Ramsey believes the increase in demand from year-to-year has caused the early shortage.

“So we ask the community, as always, to help us. Find the extra blankets that are in your closets, the ones you’re not using,” said Ramsey. “You don’t have to go buy blankets; everybody’s got an extra blanket, unless they’ve already given them to us.”

Ramsey says there also is a major need for toilet paper.

God’s Net is only accepting blankets and toilet paper right now. Donations can be dropped off Monday through Saturday from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon at 614 East 7th Street in Lexington.

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