God’s Pantry Food Bank feeds over 4,000

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Each year thousands of Fayette County families come to God’s Pantry Food Bank in need of food, and this Thanksgiving more than 5,000 families requested food. Those families were referred by community organizations through the sharing thanksgiving program.

This will be the 24th year God’s Pantry Food Bank has organized the community wide Thanksgiving grocery distribution, and each year, more and more people are in need.

“We think we are going to distribute more this year than we have ever distributed before, each Thanksgiving basket can provide about eight meals, so if you figure 4,000, just simple math, that is 32,000 meals in one day.”

4,500 families were chosen and notified in October, of receiving a Thanksgiving box.

“We had about 350 volunteers, over the course of the full day Saturday, five shifts, and we packed all 4,500 of those non-perishable food boxes.”

“This year’s sharing Thanksgiving box includes a turkey, fresh potatoes, onions and eggs as well as all the extras to make a traditional thanksgiving meal.”

God’s Pantry says it is determined to help as many Fayette County families as possible celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

“For us its imagining those who don’t have that luxury, who don’t have those resources available and to see the smiling faces and the happy children and the seniors who are going to have a Thanksgiving meal.”

Millie Reyes says this is her second time here, and with three little one’s, she says God’s Pantry Food Bank is a blessing.

“I don’t have to go out and buy Thanksgiving dinner, so it helps a lot to feed family.”

God’s Pantry is still accepting donations for the Thanksgiving distribution program, it only takes $40 to sponsor a family.

“Yes its about fighting hunger, but more importantly it’s about delivering hope.”

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