Georgetown Police work to expand neighborhood watch program

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – Neighborhood watch programs are implemented in cities across the country, but in Georgetown Kentucky, officers are hoping the system they have put together is different from the rest.

“I’ll first start off by meeting with community members or a couple heads and I’ll go to a neighborhood all around meeting and I’ll explain a few different apps” said Community Relations Officer, Jason Christopher.

For the past year, Officer Christopher has been working with different neighborhoods in Georgetown….connecting them with the ‘Neighbors by Ring’ app.

The app allows people to communicate with each other, get alerts about crime and stay in touch with the police department.

He says he wanted to incorporate technology to allow for a more efficient neighborhood watch system.

“I can get on the app, send out and coordinate on a map an area and it will automatically email everybody that has ring and it’ll say Georgetown Police Department Officer Christopher is asking you to check your ring cameras at this and this time and this is what they’re looking for.”

Officer Christopher says that so far they have implemented this new neighborhood watch program in six different neighborhoods but he says its growing every day and more neighborhood residents are reaching out to set theirs up.

“We have three or four new neighborhoods with 400 houses going up as we speak and we want to be able to get the best service we can out there to our community.”

The Bradford subdivision is one of the neighborhoods using the watch program,

Neighborhood support leader, Geno Ewalt says that before the program, he never knew when a crime happened…until way later…

“But now, having this neighborhood group that comes together, we get it on like real time, real time notice.”

And he says that he now feels a lot safer in his community.

“I’m not only watching myself, but my neighbors and friends are watching out.”

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