Georgetown neighborhood holds parade for essential worker awareness

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Saturday, a neighborhood in Georgetown spread awareness for the work done by essential workers who couldn’t stay home during this global pandemic.

A parade in the neighborhood of Bradford Place was put on by volunteers and some essential workers.

After more than a year into this global pandemic, neighbors tells ABC 36 that these men and women are not only essential to communities, but also very much like superheroes.

“In some way they’re better than superheroes because they also get discourage they catch it. My poor wife. Several of her coworkers have gotten sick..Some even passed,” says Jack Brooks.

Brook’s wife, Lynn is an essential worker who he says has always wanted to help others from a young age.

“She took a job survey in 7th grade and it said occupational therapy. I don’t think there’s a lot of people that knew what they wanted to do since they were in seventh grade but she was one of them,” says Brooks.

Brooks says it was a year of adjustment for families everywhere.

According to Geno Ewalt, an Emergency Manager for Scott County, there was also some added fear of bringing home something unwanted from work.

“You have to constantly worry about the virus it just takes a toll on everyone mentally,” says Ewalt.

Families in the community watched the parade to celebrate those essential working men and women.

The back of fire trucks and ambulances were left open so some of the smallest parade goers could understand the importance of these jobs.

“I hope the students understand how much these men and women poured into them and just difficulties they endured during these last 14 months in particular,” says Brooks.

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